Archethic & myeggO strategic partnership : Avatar digitalization into the metaverse

Archethic & myeggO strategic partnership : Avatar digitalization into the metaverse

Archethic is pleased to introduce our new strategic partner β€” myeggO, which aims to revolutionize the way your data is monetized and earn money by creating a digital identity that can be used anywhere on the internet.

Archethic strives to include promising Dapps to bootstrap ecosystem launch.

Why myeggO?

Metaverses & digital identities are core features of web3 and the future of blockchain.

As the nightless blockchain ecosystem is evolving at fast pace, here at Archethic we want to make sure to integrate blue chips projects such as myeggO, into our ecosystem in order to capture value for our community and investors.

myeggO strives to give you back power Β over your personal data. Create more trust and redistribution in web3 by making their technology accessible to everyone, thus creating the largest database of 3D digital identities in the world.

They are currently closing their equity final investment round before christmas.

This support our vision of integrating promising projects in order to create traffic through disruptive Dapps on Archethic Public Blockchain

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