aeSwap is live!

aeSwap is live!

I. aeSwap
II. Safety Measures
III. Introducing AESwap functionalities.
IV. Swap Assets, Provide Liquidity
V. Farm $UCO

I. aeSwap

The Archethic team is thrilled to announce the launch of our native DEX "aeSwap"

Users can seamlessly swap listed tokens and have the opportunity to either add liquidity to existing pools or create new ones.

Try it out:

II. Safety Measures

aeSwap offers a range of key safety features designed to provide a secure and seamless trading experience for its users.

These include:
- DEX built on the AMM model of Uniswap v2
- Sign transactions securely using your Archethic wallet.
- Some tokens are "verified" by Archethic such as UCO and aeETH.
- Enhanced security implemented through Archethic's native language.
- Front-end hosted on aeHosting and backend hosted on Archethic's blockchain.

III. Introducing AESwap functionalities.

To genuinely globalize DeFi access, we recognize the necessity of offering an unparalleled experience — one that is simpler than any current decentralized exchange. With this objective, we have developed an innovative and user-friendly UX/UI design.

Fee :
 0.5% - 0.35% per swap

  • Liquidity Providers: 0.25% rewarding their contribution to the pool.
  • Liquidity Funding: 0.25%-0.10% creating a steady liquidity expansion towards the stability of our ecosystem.

    Fee reduction inversely proportional to liquidity added by community.
    0$ - 300k$ : 0.25%
    300k$ - 600k$ : 0.20%
    600k$ - 900k$ : 0.15%
    900k$+ : 0.10%

The greater the trading volume, the more liquidity available to support our ecosystem's resilience and capacity for growth.

We plan to sustain this fee model up to meeting criterias to list on T1 exchanges, after which we will align with market standards to ensure competitiveness and long-term value for our users.

Add liquidity:

Create a pool:

You are able to create a pool on aeSwap, even with tokens created on aeWallet.

The initial pool to be introduced will be aeETH/UCO, funded with $100,000+ in total liquidity by Archethic.

As we progress, Archethic and the community will jointly initiate more pools, expanding our ecosystem's diversity and robustness.

IV. Swap Assets, Provide Liquidity

This guide, tailored for newcomers to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), streamlines the process of asset swapping, liquidity provision, and even pool creation.

Learn more:

V. Farm $UCO

Liquidity is crucial for token assets, ensuring smoother swaps and minimizing price discrepancies due to liquidity shortages.

Participants who contribute liquidity are granted LP tokens, which confer a right to a portion of the transaction fees — 0.25% from every transaction — as passive income.

Additionally, these LP tokens can be deposited in the aeETH/UCO farming pool, allowing participants to earn $UCO rewards in recognition of their contributions to the liquidity pool.

This strategy offers an increased APY, incentivizing users to contribute liquidity.

Starting at 5/17/2024 14:00 CEST, we will include 2.5 million $UCO through the UCO/aeETH farm over the next two months.

We will announce the distribution plan for the remainder of the year at a later date.

How to farm?

Possess both $aeETH and $UCO with a 50% ratio for each on your aeWallet.

Follow those steps:

1- Go to:

2- aeETH/UCO pool; Click on "Add Liquidity".

3- Confirm details.

4- Confirm transaction in your wallet.

Now that you have acquired the aeETH/UCO LP token, you need to deposit it into the farm.

5- Deposit LP tokens in farm.

6- Confirm transaction.

And it's done!

Claim rewards
Remove LP tokens from farm
Remove liquidity from Pool

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