AEWeb : Decentralized web-hosting on Archethic Blockchain

AEWeb : Decentralized web-hosting on Archethic Blockchain

I. Path to a new decentralized internet
II. Accessing AEWeb
III. Prerequisites

I. Path to a new decentralized internet

AEWeb BETA version has been successfully deployed on Testnet !

You can now deploy your static website on-chain and explore all functionalities.

What is a static website ?

Website that displays fixed content to visitors without any dynamic or real-time content generation. It consists of pre-designed web pages that are delivered as they are to the user's browser. Static websites are built using HTML and CSS, do not require server-side processing or database connectivity, load quickly, and are easy to host.

AEWeb's robust architecture lays the foundation for a revolutionary internet where websites are securely hosted on Archethic Blockchain.

Thus eliminating vulnerabilities associated with traditional server-based systems, such as server failures, censorship, and data loss.

Your website will now have unparalleled resilience and permanence.

Phase 1 : ✅

*Deployment on Testnet
*Maximum website size is 3MB

By providing access to AEWeb on Testnet, we aim to gather valuable feedback from our users. Your input is crucial in helping us refine and enhance the platform, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition when we eventually deploy on Mainnet. We greatly appreciate your participation in this testing phase as it enables us to address any potential issues and optimize the user experience.

During this testing period, we encourage you to thoroughly explore the features and functionalities of AEWeb. Your insights, suggestions, and bug reports will be invaluable in shaping the final version of the platform. We are committed to actively listening to our users and incorporating their feedback to deliver a top-notch product.

By engaging in this collaborative process, you become an integral part of our mission to revolutionize web hosting through decentralization. Together, we are creating a more resilient, censorship-resistant, and user-centric internet.

Thank you for your support and participation in AEWeb's Testnet launch. We look forward to your feedback and to working closely with you as we move closer to the Mainnet deployment.

Phase 2 : ⌛️

*Deployment on Mainnet
*Maximum website size is 3MB

Phase 3 : ⌛️

*Deployment of AEFS
*Unlimited website size

II. Accessing AEWeb

AEWeb is accessible through its web application at It's built with Flutter and includes a range of features to manage and deploy static sites on the Archethic Blockchain.

Find here a simple and complete tutorial on how to use AEWeb:

III. Prerequisites

- Download Archethic Desktop Wallet

- Get testnet $UCO Tutorial

- Don't have a website ? download this file to try :

*AEWeb is exclusive to computer usage.

*All data hosted on the blockchain is permanent.
Be careful with what you upload to AEWeb as it remains forever.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 blockchain that seeks to empower people over data ownership, decentralized applications over slow internet, and cost-effective energy solutions over expensive carbon emissions.

Due to the use of a new consensus called "ARCH," its blockchain architecture is the most scalable, secure, and energy-efficient solution on the market.

With the addition of an internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content, and interpreted language, Archethic smart contracts broaden the capabilities of developers and builders!

Archethic provides an open and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains with native integration for Defi, NFTs, and decentralized identities.

Let us work together to empower {Human; Nature; Apps} era of Web3

Archethic Foundation
‌Non-profit in order to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain‌

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