Archethic Bridge

Archethic Bridge

I. Testnet Bridge
II. Safety Measures
III. The Rationale Behind Bridging
IV. Introducing Our Revamped UX/UI
V. Bridging Procedure

Testnet Bridge

Archethic team is excited to announce the launch of our 2-way bridge for Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon users & Archethic users.
The bridge is fully decentralized using atomic swap to allow users to seamlessly transition their assets from/to Archethic chain.

In the initial phase, we aim to gather crucial feedback from our users.
This will ensure that any potential issues are promptly identified and addressed.
$15,000 worth of $UCO has been allocated to reward outstanding contributions: Bridge Bug Bounty Campaign Details will be announced soon.

Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition to Mainnet for every user while maintaining the highest level of security.

Try it out:

II. Safety Measures

Archethic's testnet bridge is fortified with several key safety features, ensuring the utmost security for its users.

These include:
- Atomic swap
- Refund feature
- The Bridge application is exclusively accessible online and necessitates the Archethic Desktop Wallet to be open.
- Process can be restarted in case of interruption
- Manual Refund for EVM /Automatic Refund for Archethic
- Safety Module

III. The Rationale Behind Bridging

The bridge represents a major step to enable growth of our ecosystem. Finally allowing builders to generate value on Archethic's native blockchain. Such a milestone is a hallmark in the evolution of any layer 1, turning years of dedication into tangible financial accomplishment.

As we step into this phase, the significance of your feedbacks on this bridge is paramount. Keep in mind, community is key : The more rigorous your pain testing, the swifter our response, and the sooner we launch on mainnet.

IV. Introducing Our Revamped UX/UI

To truly make blockchain accessible globally, we acknowledge the need for an experience that's unparalleled — simpler than any existing web3 bridge. With this in mind, we've reimagined and designed a cutting-edge UX/UI.

Our revamped interface emphaze on aesthetics, but also efficiency. With intuitive navigation and breakthrough features such as:

  • BNB/ETH/MATIC testnet chains available on Testnet.
  • Local historical access.
  • Fully Decentralized : Bridge website hosted on AEWeb & back-end on Archethic Blockchain.

Little sneak peak !

V. Bridging Procedure

Designed for those new to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), this guide simplifies the process of bridging assets across various blockchain platforms, ensuring a confident and secure experience for every user:

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 bringing web3 at your fingertips.

Its blockchain infrastructure is the most scalable, secure & energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the implementation of a new consensus: "ARCH".

Archethic smart contracts expand developers' boundaries by introducing internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content & interpreted language.

Through native integration for DeFi, NFTs & decentralized identity; Archethic offers an inclusive and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains.

In order to achieve the long-term vision of an autonomous network in the hands of the world population, we developed a biometric device respecting personal data privacy (GDPR compliant).

Making the blockchain world accessible with the tip of a finger. Be the only key!

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