Archethic & Key0 strategic partnership : First collection ever created to kickstart NFT ecosystem

Archethic & Key0 strategic partnership : First collection ever created to kickstart NFT ecosystem

Archethic is pleased to introduce our new strategic partner — Key0, the first NFT collection ever created on Archethic blockchain.

Why Key0 ?

NFTs took the crypto industry by storm last bull market.
We are witnessing the birth of digital art and this time it’s on Archethic chain.

Aligned with our vision of mass-adoption, anybody, anywhere, with no technical skills, should be able to take part in this new digital art revolution.

This is what have been realized here, uberization of the NFT creation process.

This collections of 6765 pieces have been minted on the blockchain in 2.5s for 3263.97 UCO


This demonstrate how Archethic blockchain disrupts the NFT world to make it global.

Key0 Avatars is a collection fully AI generated & inspired by the Cyberpunk movement.

Each Key0 NFT is unique & will grant you access/allocation to the projects launched by the Key Ecosystem.

Owning a Key0 digital collectible will make you a key player into the next era of Archethic Dapps.

Key0 vision :

« Beyond the historical value of being the first collection on Archethic, we believe utility is key.

Passive income, airdrops, private sale allocations, premium accesses…

Key0 Avatars will be integrated as core layer of the Key Ecosystem to create value through a thriving community »

Founder of Key0

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