Archethic & Serenity Shields Partnership : Biometric integration to bootstrap ecosystem adoption

Archethic & Serenity Shields Partnership : Biometric integration to bootstrap ecosystem adoption

Archethic is pleased to introduce our new strategic partner — Serenity Shield, a decentralized application platform that offers a revolutionary approach to crypto inheritance and secure storage solutions for sensitive data. Archethic strives to implement diverse access management mechanisms to ensure the best ecosystem adoption.

Why Serenity Shield?

Decentralized identity is core to Web3. Enabling diverse user-friendly access methods will bootstrap adoption while preserving security levels for users.

As part of the partnership, Serenity Shield will integrate their product, the StrongBox®, as a gateway to Archethic's public blockchain and utilize their interoperable Decentralized Identity (DID) management solution to provide an alternative layer of security to end-users.

Providing a diverse range of access mechanisms to the blockchain will ensure that every user finds a suitable option to fit their needs.

Our goal is to provide users and DApp creators with a customizable level of security.

More specifically, they will be the individuals defining which method of identification will apply to each task or function.

Aligning ourselves with the best projects from all corners of the ecosystem is necessary to create a dynamic, active community and is also a key objective now that our Mainnet has been deployed.

Serenity Shields vision :

"To achieve this goal, Serenity Shields aims to offer an entirely decentralized and self-sovereign solution to its customers while becoming a major player in crypto assets transfers & ownership "

Rodolphe, Co-founder of Serenity Shields

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