Bridge launched on Mainnet : One-way single asset transfer $UCO

Bridge launched on Mainnet : One-way single asset transfer $UCO

I. Introduction
II. Safety Measures
III. Why would you bridge ?
IV. Bridge on Mainnet
V. Refund Function

I. Introduction

The Archethic Public Blockchain team is excited to announce the launch of our one-way bridge for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon users.
The bridge is fully decentralized using atomic swap feature to allow users to seamlessly transition their assets from these chains to the Archethic chain.

Phase 1 : ✅

Bridge will be simultaneously launched on the Ethereum/BSC/Polygon/Archethic Testnets, allowing users to test the functionality and provide feedback before deployment on Mainnet.
This will ensure a smooth and seamless transition for all users.

Phase 2 : ✅

Bridge will be deployed on the Ethereum/BSC/Polygon/Archethic Mainnet, some of the first distinctive addresses to bridge $UCO will have a 90% gas fee reimbursement from any of the supported chains. This is a limited-time offer, so be sure to take advantage of it as soon as the bridge is live on the Mainnet.

Phase 3 :

Bridge will be made bilateral.
You will be able to bridge $UCO in & out of mainnet.

II. Safety Measures

For the safety of our users, the initial amount of assets that can be bridged will be limited to 100$ equivalent in $UCO. This limit is in place to ensure that users can test the bridge and make themselves familiar with the process before transferring larger amounts. As traffic proves bridge robustness & stability, this limit will be incrementally increased.

III. Why would you bridge ?

The GOAL of this $UCO single asset & one-way bridge is to provide users with a simple and secure way to pay for gas fees on our Mainnet.

Thus, enabling our community to :

- Do transactions
- Create tokens
- Create NFT
- Deploy collections
- Deploy websites
- Deploy Smart-contracts
- Create Dapps

The bridge is one-way & single asset.
$UCO is the only token that can be bridged from ETH/BSC/POLYGON.
Once bridge operation is complete, you can't send them back on the initial chain.

While our solution may not provide full interoperability into the crypto financial ecosystem, it will allow builders and users to start creating value on our mainnet and experimenting with the platform.

By providing this head start, we hope to foster innovation and creativity within our community while we continue to bootstrap & PenTest the network.

When will we be fully interoperable with the rest of the world ?

Bilateral & multi-assets bridge will be deployed in Q3.

We encourage builders to take this time to learn our in-house interpreted smart-contract language & users to get familiar with our ecosystem.

IV. Bridge on Mainnet

Install Metamask (

Step 1:

Add your selected mainnet ( and clic "Add to Metamask"

➡️ ETH Mainnet

➡️ BSC Mainnet

➡️ POLYGON Mainnet

Step 2:

Select ETH network / MATIC network or BSC mainnet in your metamask.

Step 3:

Fund your Metamask with native chain tokens to pay bridge gaz fees.

- BNB for BSC
- MATIC for Polygon

Note : When you receive funds on those networks, it is the same address because all are EVM compatible.

Step 4:

Now that you have received $ETH / $MATIC or $BNB, you will be able to buy some $UCO (Set slippage accordingly to amount impact on liquidity).

Select your network and connect to the according DEX below & SWAP:

$UCO contract address: 0x8a3d77e9d6968b780564936d15B09805827C21fa

$UCO contract address: 0x3c720206bfacb2d16fa3ac0ed87d2048dbc401fc

$UCO contract address: 0xb001f1e7c8bda414ac7cf7ecba5469fe8d24b6de

Step 5:

Add $UCO contract address (you can find each contract address in the previous step) into your Metamask by clicking on "Import Tokens".

If you get a warning message when adding token, this is normal.

Step 6:

Now you have native chain tokens to pay for gaz fees & $UCO, you are ready to bridge !
Go to

Step 7:

Click on "connect to Metamask"

Step 8:

Autonomous detection of your network and your UCO balance.

Step 9:

Enter your receiving address on Archethic Mainnet to receive the funds.
Enter the amount of $UCO you want to bridge.
Click on the button “Transfer”.

Note : You NEED to create a Archethic wallet on mainnet to bridge & receive mainnet $UCO.

Step 10:

Wait for each transaction to be completed

Step 11:

You can track every transaction from the process with a simple click.

Step 12:

Congratulations !
You have successfully bridge $UCO from ETH/BSC/Polygon to Archethic Mainnet.

👉 Check out our video tutorial

V. Refund Function

Thanks to the atomic swap process, you CAN'T lose your funds.If for some reasons your funds don't go through, you will be able to launch the refund procedure after 2 hours from your wallet.

In case there is a problem with the blockchain from where the tokens originated then we have created a function that allows the refund of your $UCO by inserting the contract address "Contract address on Ethereum/Polygon/Binance" where your $UCO are locked.

This solution also works for transactions prior to the current transaction. All you need to do is insert the contract address as mentioned above. If you haven't noted down this address somewhere, follow these steps.

Take the address of your hot wallet (e.g., MetaMask) and search for it on Etherscan, BSCscan, or PolygonScan, depending on the network you chose to bridge your $UCO. Look for a transaction named "Contract Creation" in your transaction history using the transaction age (time indicator).

Click on "Contract Creation" and retrieve its address. All that's left to do is apply the refund process once you have this address.

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