Archethic Smart-Contract Playground : Testnet

Archethic Smart-Contract Playground : Testnet

I. Genesis Sandbox
II. Why would you use it ?
III. How can you try it ?
IV. Vision for a User-Friendly Future

I. Genesis Sandbox

The "Smart-Contract Playground" is an online platform designed to facilitate the creation, testing, and deployment of smart-contracts on Archethic.

Sharpen your code in the Smart-Contract Playground, your training ground before deployment into the real blockchain world.

This interactive environment, available at, provides all the necessary tools and environment required to code on Archethic, saving developers the hassle of downloading and setting up their own environments.

Developers can write smart contract code in a dedicated text area, receiving immediate feedback on potential errors through an integrated console.

Phase 1 : Testnet ✅

Playground is deployed on Testnet !

Enabling all developers to practice Archethic smart-contracts development and improve the learning process.

Phase 2 : Mainnet ⏳

Playground will be deployed on Mainnet, providing developers the opportunity to easily build their Smart Contracts/DApps on Archethic.

II. Why would you use it ?

  1. Streamlined Environment:
    The Playground provides the entire environment needed to code on Archethic. This spares developers from the often time-consuming process of downloading and setting up their own environments while ensuring that they have all the essential tools readily available.
  2. Simplified Development and Immediate Feedback:
    The platform offers an integrated space for writing smart contract code, providing real-time feedback on potential syntax or logical errors through an integrated console. This not only saves time but also help in the creation of error-free code.
  3. Comprehensive Testing:
    The Playground enables developers to test all triggers of a smart-contract, ensuring the contract performs as expected under various scenarios. This enables better contract testing and reliability before deployment.
  4. Assisted Deployment and Educational Resource:
    The platform provides detailed guidance on building a smart contract for deployment. This feature simplifies the deployment process, especially for smart-contract newbies, and serves as a practical learning tool for those looking to understand smart-contracts and blockchain technology.

III. How can you try it ?


How to build on playground

How to deploy a smart contract


  1. Hello World

2. ICO

3. Recurring ICO

IV. Vision for a User-Friendly Future

ArchEthic offers an innovative, user-friendly platform for developers through a unique feature : The Smart-Contract Playground.

This testing environment enables developers to deploy and interact with smart contracts, streamlining the development and testing process.
Developers can write smart-contracts in a simple yet robust & secure language.

The Smart-Contract Playground provides real-time feedback and simulates the behavior of smart contracts, thereby facilitating rapid prototyping and debugging. Additionally, the contract template feature accelerates the process of creating new contracts by offering predefined structures.

Archethic, with its unique blend of user-friendly yet advanced functionalities, significantly enhances the experience for developers delving into the world of decentralized applications.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 bringing web3 at your fingertips.

Its blockchain infrastructure is the most scalable, secure & energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the implementation of a new consensus: "ARCH".

Archethic smart contracts expand developers' boundaries by introducing internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content & interpreted language.

Through native integration for DeFi, NFTs & decentralized identity; Archethic offers an inclusive and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains.

In order to achieve the long-term vision of an autonomous network in the hands of the world population, we developed a biometric device respecting personal data privacy (GDPR compliant).

Making the blockchain world accessible with the tip of a finger. Be the only key!

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