Mainnet : Launch Strategy

Mainnet : Launch Strategy

The fun is just about to begin, and we’re excited to start making history with you very soon.

Table of Contents

I. Mainnet Ready
II. Bug Bounty Program
III. Bridge Activation

I. Mainnet Ready

For those who have been looking at our Github, the first version of Mainnet will most likely be delivered in the next 3 sprints:

2 June - 15 June (Sprint 9)

16 June - 29 June (Sprint 10)

30 June - 13 July (Sprint 11)

Performances have been outstanding thus far.

Over 100+ developers are participating on the platform, we’re seeing awesome development activity, and making great strides in improving the user experience you’ll have at launch.

For a mature ecosystem to develop around Archethic, we need to complete critical third-party integrations and enable a specific set of products at launch to bootstrap adoption.

As such, Mainnet will be launching with the following in-house range of products:

AEWeb: Deploy your website on Archethic blockchain for a fraction of standard market costs.

Wallet: Buy, hold & transfer UCO & NFTs.

Beacon Explorer: Search, explore & track transactions, Archethic version of Etherscan.

Faucet: Experiment with Testnet UCO before launching your Dapp.

II. Bug Bounty Program

Although "Genesis" is ready to go LIVE, our most important goal is to ensure funds security of our community.

It is never advisable to launch without stress-testing any network. We have faith in our community, and we leave it to their genius to stress the network capacity and capability.

Therefore, we will be launching a Bug Bounty Program at the end of Sprint 11.

What is a bug bounty program?

Public bug bounties leverage the wisdom of the crowd by incentivizing community developers and "whitehat" hackers to spot issues and get paid for their discoveries.

Archethic recognizes the importance of security researchers in helping keep our community safe. We encourage responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty program will last until full stabilization of the network.

A dedicated blog article providing more details about the whole mechanism will be published later.

In the meantime, we are waiting to enable Archethic Mainnet Bridge until users can access, hold, and store UCO with respectable security levels.

III. Bridge Activation

What is a bridge?

A blockchain bridge is a connection that allows the transfer of tokens and/or arbitrary data from one chain to another. Both chains can have different protocols, rules and governance models, but the bridge provides a compatible way to interoperate securely on both sides.

In other words, you will be able to SWAP your ETH/BSC/POLYGON $UCO to the NATIVE $UCO on ARCHETHIC.

To do so you will have two options:

- Hold $UCO on a centralized exchange (CEX) where SWAP will be automatic
- Use a specific bridge developed by Archethic


After "Bug Bounty Program" is launched and network is secured and stabilized, we will enable people to bridge and transfer funds on Archethic Blockchain.


Mainnet will be ready in 3 sprints.
We will launch a Bug Bounty Program to stress-test our solution.
Once Mainnet is secured and stabilized, we will activate bridges.

Our team is finalizing AEIP standard, enhancing core staking and minting functionalities, aggressively testing the network to optimize performance, and developing major ecosystem collaborations that bring more applications on Archethic.

If you’re not doing so already, we encourage you to explore Archethic with our community.

A big set of events and growth initiatives will be scheduled shortly after the Mainnet stabilization.

The fun is just getting started.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 aiming to create a new Decentralized Internet.

Its blockchain infrastructure is the most scalable, secure & energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the implementation of a new consensus: "ARCH".

Archethic smart contracts expand developers' boundaries by introducing internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content & interpreted language.

Through native integration for DeFi, NFTs & decentralized identity; Archethic offers an inclusive and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains.

In order to achieve the long-term vision of an autonomous network in the hands of the world population, we developed a biometric device respecting personal data privacy (GDPR compliant).

Making the blockchain world accessible with the tip of a finger.

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Non-profit in order to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain

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