Archethic, a Franco-Luxembourg technology group that is building the foundations of a trusted universal Internet, launched its eponymous blockchain "Archethic" on Saturday 10 December 2022. Inspired by the values of universalism integrated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Archethic's team decided́ to include it in the genesis block of this blockchain.

Sébastien DUPONT, President and co-founder of ARCHETHIC TECHNOLOGIES "74 years after it was written, it is obvious that if the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written today, an article would be about the neutralitý of the Internet and the fundamental freedoms of women and men in this space. In this spirit we have added a 31st article as the first block of our Archethic Public Blockchain that will be able to be used as a smart-contract between any person signing and the applications they access."

Founded in 2017, the ARCHETHIC Group is the result of a shared vision of experts from the payment, cybersecurity and banking ecosystems who identified the need to shape the architecture of a new Internet. By capitalizing on the international technical expertise of several enthusiasts and partnerships researchers, notably the CNRS and the Ecole Polytechnique, ARCHETHIC's team have shaped in a few years the foundations of an Internet that is more secure, simpler and much more ecological.

Based on more than 4 years of research and 12 international patents, "Archethic" is an open-source public blockchain designed to be both faster and consume
drastically less energy than current market offer. Moreover, this blockchain is developed to be at the heart of the trusted internet, commonly called web 3.0.
The first 5 patents aim to discard all logins, passwords and identification cards that pollute and weaken our environment by replacing them with a universal biometric identification, unfalsifiable and guaranteeing the respect of users' privacy (RGPD) - one of the services that will be proposed will be the interoperability of KYC; for example by allowing a bank to certify certain data to another, without the customer having to re-disclose or re-provide the same information.

The next 5 patents, at the origin of this release, focused on the implementation of a truly decentralized network, governed by mathematics, resilient to cyber-attacks and allowing to reduce the consumption of the current Internet by 42000!

Finally, the last two patents aim to allow current applications to migrate or interface effortlessly to this new network. Each application will no longer need to master all the technologies to launch its service (identity management, stock management, payments, interface to external suppliers, etc.) but will be able to rely on a universal exchange platform capable, through smart-contracts, of instantly putting all the offers in relation to each request. For example, by allowing a private individual to offer a space in the trunk of his car to a merchant wishing to ship a product. It's an uberization without the need to pay an Uber!

All the technical aspects of the project are detailed in the Yellow Paper and the White Paper available on the website

A promising ecosystem backed by major partnerships

Several companies have already started to work on integrating their services on this blockchain, which will eventually replace the current uses of the Internet: cybersecurity, mailboxes, websites, market place, etc.

Grégoire de SAINT-QUENTIN, adds "At a time when our hospital and energy infrastructures are exposed, our SMEs are fragile and our personal data is insecure, the Archethic blockchain represents a trusted European cybersecurity solution. It is our technological sovereignty that is strengthened with the release of this project that I am proud to support."