Archethic Tech Updates - Token, Oracle, Error management, Security and a nice surprise !

Archethic Tech Updates - Token, Oracle, Error management, Security and a nice surprise !

Announcement—Archethic Wallet on Apple Store!

We are pleased to announce that the wallet is now available on the Apple Store. This will facilitate the distribution.
From a technical perspective, the application is built from the mainnet branch of the GitHub project and automatically deployed to the Google and Apple stores via the Fastlane tool.

Link to the Apple Store

Archethic network

For the last release of the Archethic network end of August, we have improved the protocol in significant ways to make it more robust and reducing bugs – thanks to the bug bounty contribution.

In addition, of this, we have enhanced the protocol with new features (listed below) aiming to make a better adoption for users and developers.


After the 1st release of the token standard specifications, new use cases have been reported by the ecosystem through ideas and projects.

So, in order to keep up and continue to be innovative we have added a new GraphQL API for developers to get token information

query {
  token(address: "012..........") {
Example of GraphQL query to get a token information

We also support multi-tokens in the same chain removing the cost and friction to have multi chains for multiple tokens.
However, to uniquely identify a token in a chain, we have provided a token ID. This ID will identify regarding the type of token:

  • fungible: hash(genesis transaction's address, name, symbol, properties)
  • non-fungible: hash(genesis transaction's address, name, symbol)

With this capability, a token could increase its supply while identifying easily for a client application.

Oracle Chain

Archethic uses a specific kind of transaction chains to gather real-world information. This is called Oracle Chain.

The network is gathering information and validate it through the ARCH consensus with atomic commitment.

While the network is aware of those updates, the clients/applications and developers were not (in an automated way).

So, we brought the possibility for SDKs to listen to Oracle Chain's updates in real time or to request data for a given date.

subscription {
  oracleUpdates {
    services {
      uco {
Example of GraphQL query to get the latest OracleChain data to get the UCO price.

Error notification

Archethic relies on sharding topology, where a set of validators are used and rotated over transactions. Because of this highly distributed scheme, the node which is receiving the transaction from a client/app (welcome node) didn't get direct information about the status of the transaction validation.

From now, the validation nodes will notify the welcome node about completion and also error encountered during the mining.
Such errors can be invalid transaction or network issue.

So, we have provided a new API to get those messages.

subscription {
  transactionError(address: ".....") {
Example of GraphQL query to be notified when error of the transaction have been returned

Network chain security

During the previous weeks, we have also worked on the security of the network chains. Those are specific transaction chains built inside and scheduled inside the network, which includes node rewards, node authorizations, oracle, etc.

Because those chains are critical for the network security and well-behaving, we have provided more security and checks to avoid unexpected behavior.
Those improvements include:

  • type restriction: make sure the network transactions are only triggered from the network and on the right chain
  • scheduling time: avoid unexpected network transaction at a given time, reducing DDoS and transaction spam.


A big thanks to the Archethic community and to all developers who came to provide inputs, thoughts, contributions helping us to improving the and applications.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 blockchain that seeks to empower people over data ownership, decentralized applications over slow internet, and cost-effective energy solutions over expensive carbon emissions.

Due to the use of a new consensus called "ARCH," its blockchain architecture is the most scalable, secure, and energy-efficient solution on the market.

With the addition of an internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content, and interpreted language, Archethic smart contracts broaden the capabilities of developers and builders!

Archethic provides an open and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains with native integration for Defi, NFTs, and decentralized identities.

Let us work together to empower {Human; Nature; Apps} era of Web3

Archethic Foundation Non-profit to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain

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