Towards builders: SDK Interoperability and New Tools for Developers

Towards builders: SDK Interoperability and New Tools for Developers

During the latest month, the Archethic Tech Team tackled with important subjects to bring a better adoption.

Indeed, the bridge on mainnet was released, allowing swap from ERC20 tokens to native UCO on Archethic. This allows people to build and deliver first usages of the blockchain, such as tokens, website deployment, etc…  

But to increase the usage and the easiness of building/bringing value, we worked to improve our SDKs and tools.  

AEWeb Update

We continue to work on AEWeb solutions and a new version of AEWeb Github actions have been deployed.
This version allows you:

  • to connect your keychain/wallet to a website
  • to add certificates and makes your website secure

From Github you can deploy completely a website, with the workflow that developers love to use.

Check out some example:

SDK - Interoperability between DApps and Archethic Wallet

We recently added a new feature to help applications to communicate with the Archethic wallet. This brings an interoperability layer between dApps and wallet.

Archethic developed a communication protocol to make trusted & secured exchange between applications et the blockchain, through the Archethic's wallet.

This protocol allows dApps to delegate the secured communication with the blockchain to the wallet, and to protect the private information within the wallet.

Discover technical and user's point of view

We wanted to avoid limiting the supported platforms, and hence, we implemented a few protocols:

  • RPC (Remote Procedure Call) method, for desktop & web clients
  • WebSocket, embedded inside the wallet using the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol
  • Deeplinks, for mobile

Developers can use the SDKs of communication written in Dart & Javascript to ease the integration.

For the mobiles, the deep-link are used via HTTPS URL to allow communication between dApp & wallet.

Those protocols unify the communication and support multiple API methods, such as:

  • sign message
  • sending transaction
  • get connected network endpoint
  • get accounts
  • add new accounts
  • ...

By using this communication protocol & SDKs, developers can focus on the logic of their application rather than the communication with the wallet & blockchain.

This solution is also multi-platforms (macOS, iOS, Android, Web, Windows, Linux) which facilitates the interaction between user and blockchain and also to remote the limitation for developers to use a specific platform.

SDK - New coming tools

We're also working on new tools for developers to bring a better adoption and will be deployed and be ready really soon.

Blockchain updates

Along the developers and tooling improvements, we are continuing to improve the network by resolving some challenges to make the blockchain more resilient.  

A new version of the network will come, including:

  • smart contract's language improvements
  • first steps of on-chain governance
  • better network synchronization & repair capacity
  • better security of transaction validations

Improvements proposals

We also announced a few AEIP (Archethic Improvements Proposal) to enhance the ecosystem:

Discussions are opened to help us to improve the specifications – we are welcoming contributions in all the ways!


We also would like to thank all the contributors which are giving us feedbacks and report issues for the bug-bounty campaign, bringing more stability and security to the network.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 blockchain that seeks to empower people over data ownership, decentralized applications over slow internet, and cost-effective energy solutions over expensive carbon emissions.

Due to the use of a new consensus called "ARCH," its blockchain architecture is the most scalable, secure, and energy-efficient solution on the market.

With the addition of an internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content, and interpreted language, Archethic smart contracts broaden the capabilities of developers and builders!

Archethic provides an open and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains with native integration for Defi, NFTs, and decentralized identities.

Let us work together to empower {Human; Nature; Apps} era of Web3

Archethic Foundation Non-profit to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain

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