Archethic TechUpdate - March 2022

Archethic TechUpdate - March 2022

The Archethic network published a new release end of March 2022.

What is about  ?

This network upgrade improves the overall behavior and functioning of the network, while improving decentralized apps and advancing of the biometric project.

Network improvements

  1. Efficient replication of the transaction chains

In this update, we have enhanced the handling of new transaction chains to replicate.

As a reminder, when a new transaction is validated, a new shard (group of nodes), is formed for the new transaction. This new shard will hold the new transaction chain (rotating from the previous ones).
Hence, this shard has the task to fetch the entire previous transaction chain which have been improved to avoid network congestion and timeouts.

The nodes are able to retrieve an entire transaction chain by packet, and reduce their memory and network consumption.

2. Complete transaction fee burning

To follow the new UCOnomic of the Archethic network, the transaction validation burns the entire transaction fee and reduce node movements of the equation for the coordinator work.

A further node rewards mechanism will be implemented soon.

3. Origin key enlisting

Archethic transaction validation involved a proof of work algorithm aiming to check if a transaction was generated from an authorized and authenticated origin (such as: application or device).

Then we added a way to enlist more easily new devices and applications to register their public key and authorize them. So, during the validation, the nodes would be able to validate the proof of work based  on the list of authorized devices.

They will be able later to leverage this to build transaction with authorized origin keys.

This is also an achievement to the road biometric device integration and other hardware implementations, which will secure even more the network.

DApps improvements

We have improvement the Javascript SDK, so now applications can request nodes to have the transaction fee for a given transaction with the latest network rules and algorithms.

The AEWeb Cli comes in v.0.2.1 supporting transaction fee display and with a better support of transaction validation confirmations management.

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Thank you !

A big thanks to the Archethic community and to all Archethic  developers who come together to provide  input, thoughts, and contributions.

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 aiming to create a new Decentralized Internet.

Its blockchain infrastructure is the most scalable, secure & energy-efficient solution on the market thanks to the implementation of a new consensus: "ARCH".

Archethic smart contracts expand developers' boundaries by introducing internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content & interpreted language.

Through native integration for DeFi, NFTs & decentralized identity; Archethic offers an inclusive and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains.

In order to achieve the long-term vision of an autonomous network in the hands of the world population, we developed a biometric device respecting personal data privacy (GDPR compliant).

Making the blockchain world accessible with the tip of a finger. Be the only key!

Archethic Foundation Non-profit in order to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain

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