Where to buy UCO?

Where to buy UCO?

To begin investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens, you first need to open an account in a cryptocurrency exchange. A cryptocurrency exchange is simply a platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trading among numerous buyers and sellers. There are different crypto exchanges platforms where you can buy UCO which is why choosing the best one can be difficult. You should consider several factors such as fees, security, payments, pairs, etc. In this guide, we will compare those crypto exchange platforms to help you decide which one is best for your cryptocurrency needs.

Comparative table of crypto exchange platforms

How to chose?


There are two types of crypto exchange platforms: centralized and decentralized.
A centralized exchange is a platform that enables users to trade, deposit, and withdraw cryptocurrencies. The exchange holds custody of the private keys and also the order is processed by an internal closed system. These exchanges offer better liquidity for their crypto coins.
A decentralized exchange relies on a network of computers which means that the user is responsible for holding the custody of their private keys. This type of platform enables users to trade only cryptocurrencies and not fiat.


Security can be the most critical element of any crypto exchange platform. Several levels of verification are possible and some platforms are more flexible than others. To secure access to your account the platform should offer several solutions such as two-factor authentication (2FA), a whitelist of IP addresses that will be the only ones allowed to connect to the account, encrypted passwords, and many other safety features.


Before joining, make sure you understand deposit, trading and withdrawal fees. By example trading fees are applied in every crypto exchange platform when you buy,sell, or trade cryptocurrency. The deposit and withdrawal fees are depend of the platform,sometimes they have it sometimes not. Credit card purchases are faster but still the most expensive.

Crypto-exchanges to buy UCO



Zebitex is the first French crypto-euro trading platform that was created in November 2018. The advantage of this crypto exchange platform is its security. Zebitex uses the cold storage, all deposits are made using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and your data is encrypted . Also, the platform is protected against denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
If you want to deposit EUR you must hold a bank account with a bank registered in the SEPA zone.


· simple user interface
· more than 25 different payment options
· fiat currency support (EUR)
· deposit by credit card, SEPA transfer
· 5 levels KYC (for the security)


· centralized
· 5 levels KYC (for the reason of the time and privacy)



launched in November 2018, ProBit Exchange is a top 20 global crypto exchange in real daily trading volume that has completed over 200 IEO rounds and also offers over 500 trading pairs. ProBit provides some services such as the cryptocurrency exchange, the initial exchange offering (IEO), ProBit Exclusive, and Staking.


· Access to initial exchange offers (IEO)
· Lower transaction costs with native token PROB
· Wide choice of crypto assets


· There is not app for iPhone
· Not suitable for beginners
· Does not support fiat currencies such as USD or EUR



This is a global version of Bithumb, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. The exchange will be particularly useful for altcoin traders. The price of assets on Bithumb Global is determined by the buyers and sellers on the exchange so that is why the price is different from other exchanges. There is a possibility to choose a trading interface: basic,standard and advanced.BitGlobal regularly conducts competitions and promotions that allow participants to earn some extra cryptocurrency.


· fiat currency support (local currency)
· big choice of crypto assets
· Android and iOS app
· Selecting trading interface


· long KYC validation ( 5 days)



One of the top decentralized crypto exchange platforms was created in 2018. The basic principle is to exchange your tokens with other Ethereum tokens. It is also open-source software. The Uniswap protocol works differently from traditional central platforms. It using Automated Market Maker (AMM) which replaces buyer and seller in an order book with a liquidity pool.


· no KYC
· open source code
· large variety of Ethereum tokens


· high fees
· exchange Ethereum asset only



It's a decentralized crypto exchange platform where you can trade on different networks and accomplished cross-chain swaps between them. Also, something is interesting about the fees. For on-chain swaps, it’s completely free and for multi-chain swaps, it takes 0,3 % which are distributed as follows: 0.25 % goes to the liquidity providers and 0.05 goes to the Rubic.


· fees
· decentralization
· swap between multiple blockchains


· not fiat currency support



First of all QuickSwap is a fork of UniSwap .So they didn’t change the code at all.The main difference between them it that QuickSwap is faster because its powered by Polygon. For using this exchange you need to add a Polygon network in your Metamask wallet and after to connect it to QuickSwap.


· starts with any amount
· speed


· no mobile app
· exchange ETH assets only


If you live in Europe and are interesting to buy a UCO with EUR you should take a look at Zebitex. It's quite secure with 5 KYC levels and has a simple and nice user interface. Probit and BitGlobal have more complex interfaces and provide more options for professional traders.
And if you have already a crypto-wallet look at decentralized platforms. The most famous is Uniswap and if you need to get your exchange faster there is his clone QuickSwap. But to exchange not only Ethereum tokens check out Rubic.

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