Newsletter July 2022

Newsletter July 2022

Mainnet, AMA, Wallet and Fees

Updates from Archethic World

Mainnet on the launchpad

The fun is just getting started!

  • Stay tuned ! Bug Bounty Program details & registration forms will be communicated within 2-3 weeks

French AMA: Mainnet Launch Strategy, Dapps, Miners, Fees & More.

First fully decentralized Wallet

  • Welcome to the journey of the password-less authentication!

  • Exchange your first UCOs with our Archethic Wallet

  • Checkout the video and download the Wallet:

No more value's fees!

  • Minimum $0.01 whatever the transaction's amount
  • With Archethic Web you can upload any website on-chain

New strategic partner "ENNEA"

A talented community of developers dedicated to build Dapps on Archethic

English AMA: RoadMap, Dapps, Wallet, Team & more

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