Archethic Accelerates Innovation with Mainnet Bridge, Roadmap Update, and Tech Progress

Archethic Accelerates Innovation with Mainnet Bridge, Roadmap Update, and Tech Progress

Welcome to the latest email roundup from Archethic, the blockchain platform that's changing the game. In this edition, we bring you exciting news on the launch of our Mainnet Bridge, a new Roadmap Update, and a Tech Update. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in blockchain technology, and we invite you to join us on this journey towards a decentralized future. Read on to discover all the latest news and updates from Archethic.

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our one-way bridge for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon users, a groundbreaking development that brings us one step closer to achieving our vision of a seamless, interconnected blockchain ecosystem. Our team has been hard at work to ensure that this bridge is not only technically advanced but also highly secure and reliable.

Bridge launched on Mainnet : One-way single asset transfer $UCO
Archethic Bridge is a crucial piece of our ecosystem and the decentralized world we are trying to build. Our Mainnet bridge is live now, and new possibilities are born. Users can quickly move assets from the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains to the Archethic blockchain with onl…

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Is Your Crypto Safe During Cross-Chain Transactions? Archethic Bridge uses Atomic Swap technology that allows to transfer assets with cryptography security. It’s one of the rare blockchain layer 1 providing atomic swap.

In addition to this major milestone, we've also released an updated roadmap that outlines our ambitious plans for the future. From expanding our offerings to enhancing our user experience, we're constantly striving to push the boundaries of what's possible in blockchain technology.

Listen to the twitter space discussion with our core developers to get more details 🎧

But that's not all - our tech team has been making incredible progress on improving our Mainnet & AEWeb! Improved speed, security, and usability. These technical updates are essential for ensuring that Archethic remains at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

Towards builders: SDK Interoperability and New Tools for Developers
Discover the latest updates from Archethic Tech Team, including SDK interoperability and new tools for developers.
Start building secure dApps now with Archethic Wallet’s communication protocol
In the blockchain ecosystem, decentralized applications (dApps) are becoming increasingly popular. To enable reliable and secure…

Keep reading for all the latest news and updates from Archethic, and let's build the future together!

Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a Layer 1 blockchain that seeks to empower people over data ownership, decentralized applications over slow internet, and cost-effective energy solutions over expensive carbon emissions.

Due to the use of a new consensus called "ARCH," its blockchain architecture is the most scalable, secure, and energy-efficient solution on the market.

With the addition of an internal oracle, time-triggers, editable content, and interpreted language; Archethic smart contracts broaden the capabilities of developers and builders!

Archethic provides an open and interoperable ecosystem for all blockchains with native integration for Defi, NFTs, and decentralized identities.

Let us work together to empower {Human; Nature; Apps} era of Web3

Archethic Foundation Non-profit to manage decentralized governance of the public blockchain

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